Camille Grossi


My name is Camille Grossi and I just recently graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design with a focus in Entrepreneurship. Design is my passion and what I truely enjoy! Photography has been a hobby of mine since high school and I continue to take pictures in my free time. I love to travel and was in Turkey the summer of 2010 studying abroad where I completed an interior design studio. We traveled the country experiencing the culture, history, and architecture then worked on a design project with Turkish students at Yeditepe University.

I was very involved on Miami's campus: I am a member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority where I held the position of Apparel Designer and was active on many committees. I am a student member of IIDA (International Interior Design Association) and was a member of Students for Life where I was the Web Master. Member of Sigma Alpha Pi, national society of leadership and success fraternity. Recently Austism Speaks became an organization on campus and I held the position of Director of Advertising. I am also a Wish Granter for the Make-A-Wish foundation. I am extremily passionate about Make-A-Wish and hope to grant as many wishes as I possibly can, I just completed my third wish and am anxious to start my fourth!

I am the co-owner of Get Feathered, a feather hair extension business that a friend and I started this year at school. The summer of 2011 I was an intern at Schickel Design in CincinnatiI. The summer of 2010 I was an intern at Warner Interiors. I do web design work along with logo design and branding for several organizations.

I am a true believer in making the most out of life and enjoying every second! I am currently a temporary interior designer at Process Creative Studios in Cleveland and greatly enjoy the work I do there. Always evaluating other career options in the field of commercial design for when my time there is over.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or interest in my work, and visit my photography portfolio at